Unmanned Drinks Along A Trail

Their road ahead in Singapore
Posted on 05 Nov 2021 | By Wai Kit
Unmanned drinks thumbnail
Unmanned cold drinks along a challenging hike.
Would Singaporeans pick up the drinks? Will people pay for them? Will the little Beans’ coin box be safe?
After thought – at the beginning of this experiment, the 4 old beanstalk looked at one another in skepticism. After all, Singaporeans aren’t known to be generous and the kiasu mentality is real. It was the five little beans that nudged us along this journey of discovery! Tough part about parenting is balancing how far to push our kids into the cold, harsh world vs. how close to hold them dear to our hearts, sheltering their innocence.
I was scared for this – because it could have destroyed their faith in humanity.
But I’m glad it turned out all right ❤️

“If all the people around the world 

They had a mind like yours 

We’d have no fighting and no wars 

There would be lasting peace on 

Earth If all the kings and all the leaders 

Could see you here this way 

They would hold the Earth in their arms 

They would learn to watch you play”

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