The Five Magic Beans Giveaways

Celebrating our winners!

Posted on 31 Dec 2021 | By Wanjun and Adeline

Congratulations to all our winners in 2021. Amazing to see how our partners rallied behind a young venture like ourselves and sponsored $6000 worth of prizes in our first 6 months.
Below are some of our favourite giveaways!

Bake & Decokits

8th – 13th Jun 2021
Winners: Janice Wong and Charis Max

Stand A Chance To Win Changi Experience Family Bundles* prize worth $200+!

21th – 25th Jul 2021
Winners: Yuko , Jason , Xiang Ling and Adeline Tan

House brewbtea bundle - 11 bottles

19th Aug – 23th Aug 2021
Winner: Jingting, Winston Choo and Eileen Tay


8th Sept – 15th Sept 2021
Winner: Hock Keong

2 hour play session + 1 ice bimper car rode for a family of (4 worth $100!)

16th Nov – 21th Nov 2021
Winner: Joanne

Giveaway Family package (worth $66)

11th Jan – 16th Jan 2022
Winner: Swee Keow

A family drone workshop for 4 pax (worth $240!)

10th Mar – 16th Mar 2022
Winner: Justin Tan

Gobburger giveaway

21th April – 26th April 2022
Winner: Xiaowen and Brig Khoo

Stand a chance to win Play at Jewel, Annual Family Pass (Worth $188!)

29th Jun – 4th Jul 2021
Winners: Melissa and Joyce

Food web kit

27th Jul – 1st Aug 2021
Winners: Angela Goh, Charis Max and Melissa

2 x family half dat passes

26th Aug – 30th Aug 2021
Winner: Aarti Garg and CaroL Neo

A Family combo(worth $238)

5th Oct - 10th Oct 2021
Winner: Kelley Tan

Christmas giveaway Family bundle

16th Dec – 20th Dec 2021
Winner: May Choo

Stand a chance to win a pair of disney cruise line "pirates of the caribbean" Mickey mouse bsndanas and a miature disney motors toy

18th Feb – 23th Feb 2022
Winner: Huishan and Carol Neo

5 X Family passes* for 1-hour pass (worth $300)

29th Mar – 2nd April 2022
Winner: Yirong, Jennifer, Yi Ming, Rina Tan, Cleon

5th May – 12th May 2022

Giveaway dates
Winner: Jieying and Ivy


20th – 23th Jun 2021
Winners: Jasmine

Stand A Chance To Win staycation experiences (more than worth $560+!)

6th Aug – 9th Aug 2021
Winner: Syasya

All the fun, mud and adventure for kids

27th Oct – 5th Nov 2021
Winner: Sharon Ng

3 Days 2 Nights Jeep Driveway

14th Oct – 20th Oct 2021
Winner: Joanna Fah

Giveaway Family bundle

23th Dec – 27th Dec 2021
Winner: Gloria Liu

3 set of family packages each consists of 5 passes to fun zone (worth $145/set)

3rd Mar – 9th Mar 2022
Winner: Xuan Ling , Lixiang and Weilun

4 X Family passes with play 5 package (worth $960)

5th Apr – 9th Apr 2022)
Winner: Alene Ye , Shawn Quek, Qiao Ling and Adele Lim

Waka Waka Family bundle (Worth $80)

6th – 11th Jul 2021
Winners: Liow Jia Min and Tiffany Lim

A family will get to win 1 hour of unlimited play

31th Aug – 5th Sept 2021
Winner: Hazel Luo

2 pairs of regular & student tickets (worth $109.60)

28th Sept – 3rd Oct 2021
Winner: Ivena and Ang Lee Lee

Travel play mats (worth $45.90)

24th Nov – 28th Nov 2021
Winner: Joelyn Ng and Precious Grace

1 family will walk away with 4X bundle 2 tickets (worth $186!)

1st Dec – 5th Dec 2021
Winner: Serene Chan

3 pairs of experiential ninja class passes worth $228

10th Mar – 16th Mar 2022
Winner: Phoebe, Adeline, Daveed Woon

The Power of Music (worth $120)

14th April – 18th April 2022
Gwendolyn Soh and Bintang

PSLE Promo

Halloween Night Luge

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