Taiwan – Self drive around with 5 kids.

With 5 children in a tow, we self drive in Taiwan and bring you all the fun places you can explore in the Taipei, Taichung and Yilan.

Posted on 8th Dec 2023 | By Adeline

Lucky Art Crayon

Located in Su’ao Township, this is a must visit attraction near Yilan. 4 DIY stations where you get to make your own colour wheels, marker , crayon in a shape of the Taiwan map and face/hand painting. Slide down the tallest indoor rainbow slide in Asia with a height of 27 meters and a length of 68 meters (This is NOT included in the Admission Ticket Package)

Check out the pricing here.

Agrioz Museum & Cafe

Make you own Kumquat jam and tarts with guided steps on how to do it. Taste super yummy and lots of parent-child bonding time. Minimum of 25 minutes to an hour depending on what activity you choose to make.

Check out details here !

Sinbow Leisure Farm

This little farm provides interaction with Dwarf Donkey and Sika Deer where you get to feed them. Next to it, you also learn how to harvest scallion and make your own scallion pancake. A chance to walk on muddy puddles!

Check out details here !

Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center

Are you a bubble tea lover? Learn how to make your own bubble tea and the secrets to making the best milk tea. Last workshop starts at 3pm.

Check out details here !

Shen’ao Rail Bike

If you are in Jiufen, ride a rail bike along the Shen′ao railway track and the beautiful coastline! Enjoy the scenery and enter a magical tunnel with special light effects.

Check out details here !

Pingxi Sky Lantern & Shifen Waterfall

Renowned for its Sky Lantern Festival which sets the sky alight with glimmering lanterns onto which wishes are written. Each lantern cost between NT300 TO NT450. You may also walk to Shifen Waterfall, which is like a fairyland on earth, known as the Nicaragua Waterfall in Taiwan

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

A must visit if your children are between 6 to 9 years old. With a day pass for NT200, you get to do unlimited rides for all 13 rides if you are above 110cm. That said, young children has a variety of rides to enjoy too with parent accompanied. You can find delicious food at level 2 that are reasonably priced.

Click here for more details.

Xin Feng Fruit Farm

Walk into the farm to experience fruit picking and pick a bunch of fresh grapes by yourself. Kids can alway play with the little tractors in the farm at an additional cost.

Gaomei Wetlands
Experience Gaomei Wetlands during the late afternoon when you can catch the sea breeze and watch the sun disappear below the horizon. There is a 800-meter-long wavy boardwalk which was built to preserve the wetland to prevent people from walking on the muddy land. We walk out into the flat land during high tides at the end of the broadwalk as we watched the sun sets.

Tip: Before you go to Gaomei Wetlands, check the tidal forecast first.

①⓪ Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is a military dependents’ village that was converted into street art. It was was created by former soldier, Huang Yung-Fu who began painting houses in his settlement, now known as Rainbow village, to save them from demolition. This quirky village is one of the most colorful spots in Taiwan and is a really fun place to visit. At 100 years old, Grandpa often makes an appearance in the village.

Note: Closed on every Monday.

①① 海牛驛站 Manateelnn

This is the most memorable day for our little beans where they get to dig clams, enjoy delicious hot piping porridge and get to ride on a bullock cart.

Make a call to find out their tour timing. More details can be found here.

①② Taichung Second Market

The Second Market is famous for many kinds of Taiwanese cuisine with traditional breakfast food and rurou fan (魯肉飯). You also find thick and fresh sashimi. It was so good that we went back two days in a row.

①③ Night Markets

Night market is a main highlight for us almost every night. Our favourite night market is Feng Chai Night Market in Taichung and Shilin Night Market in Taipei. Lots of game stalls and food to try. Mainly cash apart from some shops that sell clothes. The night market closed around 11.30pm so you can definitely find somewhere to go after dinner.

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