Tugging along 3 kids as a solo-mum in Tokyo!

#throwback to the June hols. We spent a week in Tokyo, followed by a week around Japan on a RV.

This post is part 1 – for a bunch of kid-friendly activities in Tokyo. Read on to find out more!

Posted on 2 Jul 2023 | By Jun

Travelling to Tokyo with kids? Here are some fun places to bring them!

 Tokyo Toy Museum

A hands-on indoor playground housed in a former elementary school that now holds a collection of over 10,000 toys from around the world! We got to see, make and buy toys, as well as learn to play traditional Japanese games and make crafts with senior volunteers. 

Check out details here !

Tokyo Fire Museum

This is a museum dedicated to the history of fire-fighting in the city and is housed in Yotsuya Fire Station in Shinjuku! Plenty of kid-friendly exhibits, from fire gear to equipment, from trucks to helicopters – the kids were especially excited to take home one miniature fire fighting vehicle at the end of our visit!

The museum can be accessed directly from Yotsuya 3-Chome Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Very accessible and entry is also free!

Quick tip – the Tokyo Fire Museum is 5 min walk from the Tokyo Toy Museum. It is recommended to visit both on the same day (Do note that the Fire Museum closes on Mondays and the Toy Museum closes on Thursdays)

Check out details here !

Disneyland & DisneySea

These Disney parks are adjacent to each other. If you can, both are worth visiting! If you really had to pick one, go for Disneyland for the classic Disney theme park experience and DisneySea, if you are for something unique. Afterall, it is the only DisneySea in the world!

In general, Tokyo Disneyland caters more to families and young kids while DisneySea is popular among couples and young adults (more thrilling rides and unique experiences)! Either way, you will have a magical time!

Check out details here.

Animal Cafes

Tokyo is famous for its many animal cafes. For us, we snuggled mini piglets at Mipig Café and played with many other cute animals at Harajuku Kawaii Zoo Land. Cuteness overload! 

Check out details of Mipig Café here and Harajuku Kawaii Zoo Land, here!

The Owl Village Café Harajuku was fully booked online but we went anyway to try our luck. Was turned away but we still got to see some of the owls near the entrance! Check out details here.

The above cafes are walking distance from Harajuku train station, along with many other animal cafes. You can consider planning a café-hopping day in Harajuku area!

Do make reservation online in advance to avoid disappointment.

⑤  Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Think of this as a half-day option where we brought our little Beans to watch dolphins and otters in high-energy performances, rays and jellyfish in full display. One of the amazing creatures we spotted was a chainsaw shark!

Check out details here !

 teamLab Planets

We explored the museum barefoot, at times with our feet submerged in water. We walked through water, scaled a light waterfall, chased rainbow kois that scattered into flowers once we clashed, fell into a universe of falling flowers, went on all fours to get across a soft black hole, lay below a floating flower garden and lazed in a glowing moss garden. We got to immerse our entire bodies in vast breathtaking artworks, utterly amazing!

Check out details here !

Have fun planning and share this post with your travel buddies!

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