Interview With Celebrity Gong Gong

Papa’s garden in the sky
Posted on 17 Aug 2021 | By By Wan Jun

My Papa loves farming.

He does not own a plot of land but that does not stop his green fingers from working their magic in the comfort of his home! Rock melons, grapes, apples,
lantern chili, bitter gourds, golden melons… the sky’s the limit. So proud of my Papa and his sky garden!

First posted this as a shout-out to Papa but over the weekend, many people liked the post and Ho Ching even picked it up and shared it from her own page.
Papa said it became a virus post, but we later learnt that it was supposed to be “”viral”” – 5000+ likes and 3000+ shares, and growing! 

Reporters waiting to speak with him, but of course Gong Gong gave us the honours to interview him first. Check out our Q&A with powerful GongGong

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