Ice Cream Uncle

Pay it forward on World Kindness Day
Posted on 12 Nov 2021 | By Wai Kit
Did you know that tomorrow is World Kindness Day? From our little Beans’ water points, we raised over $120 and used this money to “pay it forward” – blessing passersby with ice cream. Spread the love. Share a kind act today!
After thought – it was interesting to see how the older the little Bean are, the more shy they are. I think there is an openness to being unabashedly kind when we are born, but the marketplace and school mold us into cautious creatures as time passes by. No wonder MLTR once sang…
If all the people around the world
They had a mind like yours
We’d have no fighting and no wars
There would be lasting peace on Earth
If all the kings and all the leaders
Could see you here this way
They would hold the Earth in their arms
They would learn to watch you play

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