Vietnam (Hanoi)

Posted: Dec 2016
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Did you know that Hanoi is actually the capital city of Vietnam? With its French influences, its Old Quarter and French Quarter makes for a unique walk down its streets. The nearby Halong Bay also offers a picturesque cruise and kayaking/snorkeling adventures



With a two year old who found her running legs and an infant in tow, we explored Hanoi over a short getaway in December. It was their first kayak experience as we cruised about Halong Bay and we were welcomed by the friendly smiles of the locals who were intrigued at how we dragged our little Beans along our adventures!

Main Highlights

Hanoi City: We visited several landmarks including the Old Quarters, the night market, Hoa Lo Prison and even a Harry Potter inspired café. It was a restful break over the New Year before we headed east to Halong Bay for our cruise

Halong Bay: Hạlong Bay sits in northeast Vietnam and is known for its clear waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. We had the experience of kayaking among these limestone towers with our two little ones strapped into life jackets

Photo Reel

Hanoi City Ha Long Bay
Hanoi City Ha Long Bay

Arrival in Hanoi!

Hand in hand:

Combined 150 years of love

Night market:

Walking down the local market and hustling for a bargain

Hoa Lo Prison:

Used for U.S. prisoners of war during the Vietnam War, it was once known as the “Hanoi Hilton”

Monster truck:

Steering our little Bean from behind

Flying brooms:

Visiting the Harry Potter inspired café…


… and taking in our favourite “buttercup beer”


Joining the countdown party with our little Beans to welcome 2017

Onto our cruise:

The Dragon Legend @ Halong Bay

All smiles:

… until they realize one of them is sleeping in the tub tonight!


Currents taking us away slowly but surely


Paddling in the Halong Bay

Mama in front:

Chasing after

Back on board:

The towering limestones look smaller than they really are!


All smiles after a full day of kayaking out at sea

Home sweet home:

Guess who took the Business flight?