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Posted: Dec 2021
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With everything from unrivaled natural beauty to a thriving arts and culture scene, we discovered there were so many kid-friendly things to do in Seattle (and lots of day trips around!)


We visited Seattle (and its surrounding beauty) over 2 weeks! Stayed with friends, chickens, and a cat – they were locals who brought us to the “insider view” of this place. We covered most of the places below with a day-trip out from Seattle, except Portland (where we spent 3D2N to catch an NBA game) and another overnighter through Tree of Life cutting through Gray’s Harbour along the west coast of Seattle.

Main Highlights

Seattle: We went beyond this city of arts and culture to discover a series of local’s kids-day-out! From airplane museums to Christmas tree farms, from Starbucks history to downtown markets – every day was a highlight for our little Beans

Leavenworth: Leavenworth is an easy day trip away from Seattle – picturesque town with a beautiful mountain landscape. In the winter, it offers up plenty of winter activities like snowshoeing, snow mobile-ing, and sleigh rides

Deception Pass: Deception Pass is a strait that separates Whidbey Island and an old bridge connects us into a beautiful landscape of rugged cliffs, mysterious artistic trails and more!

Gold Creek Pond: A beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains – it’s an easy hike around the “pond” with plenty of slopes for the kids to slide about in their waterproof gear and water boots.

Gray’s Harbour: We embarked on a razor clamming experience – using “pipes” to “suck up” clams from the ground. With our total harvest of 200+ clams, we cooked up clam fritters, clam chowder, clam omelette, clam spaghetti… all so delicious! 

Tree of Life (+ more): A round trip to the west of Seattle – we explored the natural highlights around Olympic National Park, including Tree of Life, Elk Creek Conservation Area, Hurricane Ridge, Quinault Rainforest, Ruby Beach and more

Portland: 200 miles south of Seattle, this city does not impose sales tax – so it’s a shopping haven for outlet shopping! We went there and came back with 2 extra luggage, but also squeezed time for an awesome donut breakfast, an exciting NBA game, and an off-the-beaten-path trek to the Witches Castle

Photo Reel

Deception Pass Gold Creek Pond Gray’s Harbour Leavenworth Portland Seattle Tree of Life
Deception Pass Gold Creek Pond Gray’s Harbour Leavenworth Portland Seattle Tree of Life
The Museum of Flight:

Airplanes of all shapes and sizes, from past to present

Pike Place Market:

Delicious warm seafood and clam chowder at the famous downtown market

Tiger Mountain:

Crossing paths with deer, giant trees and an abandoned bus – did you know that this bus was used by logging companies to haul crews to work sites on the mountain in the early 90s

Starbucks Tasting Room:

Seattle – the birth place of Starbucks!

Carkeek Park:

Watching the trains zoom past just below our little feet

Trinity Tree Farm:

Winter edition in Seattle – we picked out our own Christmas tree, sawed it and tied it to our car to lug it home!

Snow play:

Stopping along the way to Leavenworth at Stevens Pass to roll about in snow

Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery:

We visited in Nov and had a challenging time spotting the fishes swimming upstream!


Spot the double rainbows amidst the old-town architecture of the little town

Beautiful landscape:

Lake with towering mountains in the background, and fluffy white snow along its trails

Down the hill:

Sliding down slopes!

Girl has grown up

Elsa princess in a white snowy background at Gold Creek

The Witch’s Castle:

Can you spot our 3 little Beans?

Trail Blazers:

Catching NBA game with 20,000 other fans at Moda Centre

Voodoo Donuts:

Colourful donuts inside-out for breakfast in Portland

Family on an clamming adventure:

Our first razor clamming experience – backbreaking but super fun! Total harvest of 200+ razor clams!

The perfect reflection:

Beauty – upright and upside down

Orange sunset:

Walking into the sunset

Fresh off the ground:

Harvesting goodness from nature


Wonderful clam feast after all our hardwork – clam fritters, clam chowder, clam omelette, clam spaghetti!

Deception Pass:

Crossing the bridge that connects to Whidbey Island

Under the bridge:

Deception Pass is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island

Age of the wood:

Deciphering age through analyzing circles – how old is this tree?

Price Sculpture Forest:

Discovering art in the forest

Tree of Life:

Artist painted the skies as we approached the Tree of Life

Tree of Life:

This marvel “grows” along a coastal bluff and defies the laws of gravity to thrive despite its fully exposed root system

Quinault Rainforest:

A rain forest located in the valley formed by the Quinault River and Lake Quinault – it was a wet trek on a drizzly day

Elk Creek Conservation Area:

A 5km in-and-out trail, this is a great hike for the morning where fresh dew is still trickling down the lush moist greenery. Keep your eyes for “The Sister” – two massive old trees near the creek!

Hurricane Ridge:

Visiting in winter, Hurricane Ridge offers many snow activities like snowshoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing

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