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Posted: Nov 2018
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Arizona, a southwestern U.S. state, hosts the world-famous Grand Canyon – a deep valley that is carved by the Colorado River. North of Arizona sits Utah – home to five incredible National Parks (also known as the Mighty Five)



We spent three weeks driving around Utah and Arizona to explore the National Parks in the Nov season – the weather was cool but not too cold (except for higher altitudes e.g., Bryce Canyon). It was a memorable trip as we spent most of our days in a 23” Class B RV and that allowed us to spend more days wherever we felt like it, and cut short some itineraries at our will. Some nights we spent by the roadside with a blanket of stars in pitch darkness, some nights we spent with a community in a RV park doing our laundry and BBQ marshmallows

Main Highlights

Bryce Canyon National Park @ Utah: Bryce is distinctive due to its hoodoos (these are spire-shaped rocks) and its vast “amphitheater” of hoodoos throw us to a different out-of-earth landscape – the red, orange, and white colors of these rocks are best viewed during dawn and dusk

Zion National Park @ Utah: Zion is distinguished by its canyon’s steep red cliffs. There are waterfalls and a hanging garden but its highlights is the Narrows – cutting through deep chasms to wade upstream along a river hike (an experience with three little ones in tow!)

Antelope Canyon @ Arizona: This is one of Microsoft Window’s background pictures – we must have seen it somewhere before! A slot canyon on Navajo land east of Arizona, it is a picturesque destination where light reflects off canyon walls for the most amazing pictures

Monument Valley @ Utah: This valley is boasts huge sandstone pieces (that tower over us at 400-1000 feet) and we explored the area on horseback. It’s a common site to shoot movies just because the backdrop is so out-of-this-world, and we even spotted Monument Valley as one of the destination showcased at Disney Epcot. It is an amazing sight when passing clouds move the shadows of these giant sandstone buttes

Arches National Park @ Utah: The name gives it away – this park is home to more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches. One of its highlights is Landscape Arch in Devils Garden, which is the longest arch in the park!

Photo Reel

Arches National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Antelope Canyon Zion National Park Monument Valley
Arches National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Antelope Canyon Zion National Park Monument Valley
Baby fats:

The cold doesn’t bother the little Bean

One on each side:

Weight of responsibilities keeping me warm as we trek down


View from the top across the landscape of hoodoos

Natural bridge:

Peering over a natural wonder

Heart to heart:

Deep conversations with a 2 year old

Pit stop:

Little Beans cuddling in the middle of nowhere

Giant tree:

Look at how small our little Beans are compared to nature

Weeping rock:

Face of the mountain that is always wet

Weeping rock:

“Why does the mountain cry?”

Hey little thing:

Sometimes nature can interact back with the little Beans too

The Narrows:

… with three of our kids in tow!

60 kg on the back:

Thank goodness for military training

Over the log:

Icy cold water creeping as we hiked upstream


On a little rock between towering cliff walls


Found a dry spot to put the little Beans down

One by one:

Walking down the steep stairways into the canyon


Rare picture when everyone looked at the camera (sort of)

In awe:

The older Beans looking up at how light reflects off walls of Antelope Canyon

Accidental selfie:

Sometimes the most beautiful moments aren’t planned for


Navigating the tight pathway with these three baby weights

Out from a crack:

No one would have expected such beauty of a slot canyon snug beneath the earth

Monument Valley:

What a sight to behold


Tribal horses trained by the natives – we are on sacred land!


May you little Beans laugh with one another for the rest of your lives


Nothing for miles except the sun, sand and our horses


Giant sculptures of rock in the backdrop


What a place to jump about

Landscape Arch:

Short hike to one of the longest arches in the park


Check out the perky butt (on the LHS)


Watch out for monkeys at the National Park – they get heavier in no time


It was a struggle to capture 5 faces and an arch of some sort

The Narrows:

Starting on our family “water hike”…

Chill pill:

Have a good day!