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Posted: Dec 2022
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Just a 2 hours drive from Los Angeles, San Diego sits on Southern California and is right beside Mexico. Did you know that it is the 4th largest land border crossing in the world at 70 million annual travelers (and our very own Singapore-JB crossing ranks 2nd Source: 1.JPG at 130 million annual travelers)


San Diego is a beautiful city with mild year-round climate and deep water harbour – which is a departure port for Disney Cruise! We headed there for another unforgettable cruise and took the opportunity to spend a few days to adjust our body clock and explore the city sights. Lots more to cover if we had more time, I’m sure we will head back again!

Main Highlights

Balboa Park: We took our first clear day slow and easy at the beautiful Balboa Park as we battled jetlag. A very lovely place with park trails, gardens and kidfriendly museums!

Point Loma Tide Pools: We checked the tide tables and embarked on an intertidal walk at these Tide Pools. Little eyes and hands are better off embracing nature than gadgets 

Fort Rosescrans National Cemetery: Caught the sunset among fallen military heros. Breathtaking view of rows and rows of headstones in the thousands, overlooking San Diego bay and the Pacific Ocean left us in awe!

USS Midway Museum: A must see attraction in San Diego! We went aboard the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier that is now dedicated to naval history and houses many interactive exhibits and an extensive collection of restored vintage aircrafts!

Kansas City Barbeque: We had lunch here – a restaurant and bar self-proclaimed as the “Top Gun Bar”. It is known for being the filming location for scenes used in the Top Gun movie, serves delicious ribs and has Tom Cruise’s handsome face plastered on every wall.

Belmont Park: We missed the amusement rides as it was a drizzly day, but the beautiful sunset at Mission Beach made up for it!

Port of San Diego: 4D3N of non-stop fun, party and Disney magic onboard Disney Wonder Cruise. We cruised from San Diego to Ensenada. Last year this time, we did Disney Magic Cruise, from Miami to Bahamas. It was too good so we are back for more, and it definitely won’t be our last!

Photo Reel

Balboa Park Belmont Fort Kansas Point Port USS
Balboa Park Belmont Port Kansas Point Port USS
Boarding Ship:

Family shot

Kissing Sailor:

Labeled as the “Embracing Peace” statue, this is a replica of the famous 1945 Life magazine photograph it is based on

Flight Deck:

An impressive collection of restored vintage aircrafts!

Ejection Seats:

Hold on tight!

Vomit-inducing flight simulator:

We came out all pale in our faces


“Look Ma! Now he has arms!”

Kansas City Barbeque:

The famous BBQ spot in town

Self-proclaimed “Top Gun Bar”:

Known for being the filming location for scenes used in the film Top Gun.


How a moment in time can define its forever future

The Bar:

Folks at mid-day

Blast from the Past:

The iconic jukebox and Tom Cruise’s handsome face all over the restaurant

BBQ Feast:

Serves delicious ribs. Their ‘burnt ends’ a must try!


Let’s tuck in!

Copy and Paste:

Papa and daughter

Jealous Sons:


Fort Rosescrans National Cemetery:

Arriving at sunset


Breathtaking and serene experience


Among fallen heros

Sunshine and Shadows:

Papa and the little ones

Ducks and Water:

Simple things that keep them smiling


Almost as if we stepped into Narnia

Old Tree:

This Moreton Bay Fig Tree is over a hundred
years old!

Desert Garden:

Beware the prickly pricks!

Little Boy:

… has more style than his old man

Rose Garden:

Just beside the cactus garden lies a bed of roses


Jiejie and Didi


Papa and Mama

Spanish Village Art Center:

Love this colourful village!

Spanish Village Art Center:

We blended in!

San Diego Model Rail Road Museum:

Choo choo chugalongs for the boys

Point Loma Tide Pools:

Hunt for sea creatures

I Spy:

Can you spot the baby octopus?

From Above:

Feel like another planet


Peering into the earth’s crack with the sun behind her


Reaching for hermit crabs


Pretty sea anemone


… but I got you


Walking by the sea

Cave Hunting:



Walking back before the sun sets


Final shot at the Tide Pools


15 years together


Birds are heading home in the sunset

Matching Yellows:


Colours of the Wind:

Shadows in the sunset

Celebration Kick Off:

Dancing the evening away as the cruise departs from San Diego

Christmas Festivities:

Santa came by to pay a visit


Heated water all around in the winter


Finale celebrations with pirates and fireworks, Mickey on a zipline to save the day!

Belmont Park:

Been there, but not done yet – weather was bad and the outdoor park was closed…

No joy lost:

… so we went to explore the indoor amusement park instead


Kill the zombies!