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Posted: Oct 2015
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Nevada is known for its vast desert landscapes. Once upon a time a site for nuclear testing, it is now home to Vegas and its glitzy casinos and vibrant nightlife. While Grand Canyon technically isn’t in the state of Nevada, it makes for a short day trip from Vegas!


One of our greatest family adventure was in the Grand Canyon back in 2015 – when we slept under the stars in the Red Indian campgrounds, swam in the Havasu Falls, and hiked up Grand Canyon with a baby in tow (and another baby in the mama oven). We went back again in 2022 to visit other deserts in the vicinity, and this time we camped in the Death Valley!

Main Highlights

Las Vegas: Did you know that Vegas is the brightest city in the world? This is measured from space at night and Vegas sits in contrast to Pyongyang, which is the darkest. It is no surprise as we walk down The Strip as our little Beans soak in the sights and sounds of this crazy city

Grand Canyon: Most tourists make the day trip to Grand Canyon from Vegas (or a heli-tour, for those with little time and lots of cash) – we opted to explore deep into the Canyon by taking a 4D3N camping adventure in the Red Indian tribal community. We also explored Havasu Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Death Valley National Park: We camped out here for a few nights with a family friend, complete with their little Beans too! Home to Badwater Basin’s salt flats (which is the lowest point in North America), Devil’s Golf Course, and Mesquite Dunes – this National Park offers landscapes that are out of this world

Mojave National Preserve: Beautiful sights all around – from Kelso Dunes, Hole-In-The-Wall Ring Loops Trail, Red Rock Canyon and many more!

Photo Reel

Mojave Las Grand Death
Mojave Las Grand Death
Questions from the heart:

 “Why is this woman holding an ice cream”

Water works:

Bellagio spectacle

Scary faces:

Halloween stock to clear

Birthdays can be celebrated everywhere:

Blowing off her candles in our RV

Family photo:

 Can you spot our 3rd little Bean in the background

Cooking dinner:

Everything is delicious, even in sand

Fireside chat:

Campfire blabbers


Cuddles especially warm in winter

Good night world:

Temperature dropped to 5 degrees at night and further dropped to 2 degrees on the second night

Day breaks:

First rays of sun hits our tents

Baby of the family:

Double kisses

Baby of the family:

Double kisses

Badwater Basin:

Imagine this sits 85.5 meters below sea level!

Salt lake:

Endless white


Natural playground for the little ones

Natural Bridge Canyon:

Lost the Beans for a bit

Artists Palette:

Colours of the mountains

Lady in red:

Catching the sunset

Nature playground:

Finding their own slides

Monkey faces:

Odd animals spotted

Mesquite Flat sand dunes:

Finest white sand we’ve ever touched

Sand angel:

Just like hot snow


Wonder what’s the creature that left these cute prints on the sand

Goodbye Death Valley:

Off to our next stop!

Stocking up:

Camp supplies and food for our camping adventure

Landing into the Canyon:

The tribe welcomed us as we landed into their community

Havasu Falls:

Crystal clear waters meandering through the Canyon

Break dance:

Finding her feet after a day’s hike

Making tent:

Beneath the cliffs

Hammock fun:

Lazing as the sun sets

River crossing:

Taking care of the little Bean as we chase down more Falls

Dry feet:

Saying hello as she wakes

Quiet cliffs:

Perhaps the only people around for miles


Finding her fingers in all sorts of places


Danger: Hanging on…


Descending on rickety steps

One big family:

Getting wet together as the little Bean is with the grandparents

Mooney Falls:

This girl is thirsty

Odd angle:

Our family photo

Ready and set to go:

Preparing for our 10-hour ascent

4 hours in:

All smiles and a backache

Operation Diapers:

A quick refresh along the way

Nearing the top:

The final push after 10 hours…


… and we are done!

Sand storm at Seven Magic Mountains:

You have to brave the storm to see the rainbow

Colourful trio:

Sibling love

Kelso Dunes:

More sand to play

Hole in the wall:

Interesting name for an interesting trail

Playing catch:

Perfect place for catch-me-if-you-can, until someone knocks his head


Through the cracks of the earth