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Posted: Sep 2022, Nov 2018
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Phuket is located in southern Thailand and did you know it is the biggest Island of Thailand? Surrounded by the Andaman sea, it is home to many beautiful beaches from Mai Khao in the north to Patong in the South.



We brought our little Beans to Phuket over the September holidays and spent a whole week! Started with some relaxing days at a resort with the Kids Club entertainment, then started exploring all around Phuket – from zipline adventures to waterparks, from snorkeling to animal sanctuaries, from muay thai matches to heritage shows!

Main Highlights

Resort Getaways: We stayed at Marriott in our initial days to explore the northern part of the island, then moved South towards Patong to explore the southern attractions. This makes it more accessible as Phuket is a long stretch of road and traffic sometimes build up in the cities

Flying Hanuman: Zipline adventure with 30+ courses through the jungle terrain – we saw our little Beans tip toe slowly to the edge of their first jump… to how they swing upside down as they zipline across their last one. On top of that, there were roller adventures, abseiling and sky bridges to take a pause in the course of an action-packed day

Phuket Elephant Care: No riding, no chains, no hook – this elephant sanctuary prides itself as sustainable tourism. Here, they taught our little ones about the life of elephants, complete with the experience of feeding and bathing them.

Tiger Park: With over 20 years experience in raising and caring for tigers, this is the newest opening in Phuket with over 300 tigers in their care. These are majestic creatures and it was a breathtaking experience to get up close to them. For the little Beans, they could only interact with the newborn cubs (giant cats already!)

Muay Thai Boxing Stadium: Muay Thai is a uniquely Thai sport – and we witnessed respect and tradition as we watched boys and men go at each other. It was an interesting experience seated metres away from the action and we had to translate the violence before us into discipline and sporting excellence for the little ones. I hope they got it!

Andamanda Water Park: Just opened in May 2022, this water park was just right for our three little Beans. They are split into five themed zones based on Thai mythologies. Wildest rides required little ones to be over 122cm (which our two older ones passed with flying colours) and most other exciting rides required 107cm (which our smallest one just managed to scrape by!)

FantaSea: Think of this as Phuket’s very own Disneyland – FantaSea is a cultural theme park that spans 60 acres. It hosts a Thai culture theatrical show, themed buffet, shopping streets, carnival games, animal rides and so on!

Phi Phi Islands: There are six islands as part of the Phi Phi boat tour – and the highlight were to snorkel in the open waters to spot nemo among the reefs. It was a fun day out in the sun and we were glad for their swim lessons at home, and life jackets on board.

James Bond Island: Back in Nov 2018, we visited James Bond island with the grand parents – a throw back to the past as these photos were the same ones when our parents brought us here half our lives ago.

Photo Reel

James Bond Island Phuket Elephant Care Flying Hanuman Muay Thai Boxing Andamanda Phuket Tiger Park Phuket Phi Phi Islands Fantasea JW-Marriott-Phuket-Resort-and-Spa
James Bond Island Phuket Elephant Care Flying Hanuman Muay Thai Boxing Andamanda Phuket Tiger Park Phuket Phi Phi Islands Fantasea JW-Marriott-Phuket-Resort-and-Spa

Super mama with her three little Beans


Check count… 1, 2, 3 – still right!

Tiger Woods:

Trying to find their golf balls and grass holes


The gardener said we should see the seedlings in a week. Erm… not around then!

New sport:

Fish spearing on pool table


Moving closer and closer to target

Water activities all around the resort:

This boy has swag

Family is complete:

The biggest kid has arrived to join us – our holidays are now in full swing

Bath time:

洗刷刷,洗刷刷 !


Finding a bolster in water

Giant snout:


Up close and personal:

Scrubbing a giant

Tall, Dark, Handsome:

Finding her love

Feeding from our hats:

Babies feeding babies


Vegetables are the favourite of this little elephant’s diet


Bean there, done that!


Little Beans aren’t scared of FantaSea mascots’ scary faces


Face says it all

Evening shows:

Thai cultural show in the grand theatre


Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colours!

Friends for life:

Overseas trip out with preschool besties!


We’re ready to swing!

Helmets on:

Welcome to Phuket’s zipline adventure


Abseiling down with a giant hug

Little Tarzan:

Squeals of excitement

Upside down:

No fear of heights


Dreams of flying, come to life

Sky bridge:

Walking through the wet wet trail (it was raining cats and dogs!)

Looking up:

Can’t wait to jump to the next line!


Even monkeys can get tired

En route to the boxing stadium:

Interesting sights along the way, on Bangla Walking Street

Muay Thai Champ:

Blood and sweat, for the belt of honour

Smiles before the fight:

The little Beans didn’t know what to expect…

Exchanging blows:

… and the little one turned around the first fight kicked off

Close to the action:

Seated at the VIP zone – where the managers and owners shout in excitement

Tiger mum:

Learning from the original

Boys training:

Taming a tigress from young


Hi, I’m one month old!


… what teeth! Ok, time to go!

Dark clouds:

Perfect day for a water park (we were wet anyway + no crowds!)


Andamanda is based off Thai mythologies – all sorts of interesting back stories

Game on:

Racing down the swirling waters

Steep drop:

Little Beans relieved their papa is alive!


Soaking in the fun, in the rain!

3, 2, 1:

… and off she goes!


Wild wild wet!

Setting sail:

Little Beans acting cool with adult sunglasses

Crash course:

Learning how to snorkel

Sunny girl:


Sip of love:

Mango slush after a dip in the ocean

Onwards to Phi Phi Island:

Dropping anchor in these beautiful waters


Welcome to the underwater world


Staying afloat in good times and bad

Friends for life:

Overseas trip out with preschool besties!

James Bond Island:

How a single movie can add significantly to the tourism industry for decades


Travelling with the folks back in 2018 when our little Beans were truly still little

Into the crack:

Kayaking into a water cave

Look up:

Hearts in the sky

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