Thailand (Khao Yai)

Posted: Nov 2018
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Khao Yai is home to Thailand’s first national park, famous for its accessible waterfalls and adventure hikes. These days, Khao Yai has emerged as a touristy spot 3 hours away from Bangkok and boasts more than just its national park. With lots of kid-friendly activities and IG-worthy spots that bring you to scenery found in Italy and NZ – it’s no wonder we keep hearing of friends heading there as the Genting 2.0!


This was our solo trip with our eldest little Bean – before her mei mei arrived! We saw her wander around sunflowers twice her height, discovered that animals also existed outside of television, and put on a costume to look just like mama. Nestled in the mountains, Khao Yai wasn’t the best place for connectivity – but we found ourselves more connected than ever as we spent 24/7 with her and took in all her different sides.

Main Highlights

PB Valley + The Bloom: PB Valley is the largest vineyard in Khao Yai and there are guided tours for us to learn about grapes – from harvest to bottling! We also visited nearby The Bloom and its gardens beckoned to us with beautiful fields of sunshine flowers
Primo Piazza: It’s like a quaint little Italian village with its rustic set-up, with feeding opportunities with the alpaca – just missing the pizza, pasta and the occasional Vespa riding by
Midwinter Green + The Chocolate Factory: Almost as if we stepped into Europe, Midwinter Green offers a scenary of European castles, live bands, and romantic dinners. The chocolate factory nearby also offers a nice venue for dinners… and of course, chocolate!
Khao Yai National Park: The first national park in Thailand – famous for its accessible waterfalls and wildlife diversity!
Chokchai Farm: Established farm with lots of kid-friendly edu-tours, they offer 2-hour tours to bring us around the grounds. We saw how milk came from cows… all the way to the bottle, and we even had a chance to ride the giant tractor!
Hobbit House: We may not be able to tell the difference as we explore the hobbit houses at Khao Yai, vs. the ones we typically find in New Zealand! Also known as Baan Suan Noi, this place offers a several hobbit-like rooms with different interior themes

Photo Reel

PB Midwinter Khao Hobbit Chokchai Primo
PB Midwinter Khao Hobbit Chokchai Primo

Hiding in the barrel


Ready to pluck some grapes


Crowding around for their snacks


All smiles in the paddy field of sunflowers


Standing amongst the giants


In a field of happy sunflowers

Little Italy:

“Teleported” to Europe in a wink of an eye

Hello there:

Llama as a friend

Pretty windmill:

Family – the wind beneath my wings!


Huge playground in Midwinter Green


Staying back for the fascinating light show at Midwinter


The Chocolate Factory welcomes the sweet tooth!

Khao Yai National Park:

Wildlife and beauty all around us

Mission accomplished:

Full day of hiking and waterfalls, perspiration and fun


Entertained by a cow with a milk bottle

My turn to feed:

Daddy’s duty so I can drink some milk

Tractor ride:

Wheels on the bus go round and round

Little Bean in costume:

Snow white on the run


The Hobbit House – Bean there, done that!