Thailand (Bangkok)

Posted: May 2015, Mar 2017, Sep 2018, Nov 2018, Nov 2022
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Bangkok needs no introduction – it’s our getaway spot whenever flight fares are low and we end up in this land of smiles in a hurry!


This itinerary looks a little bit like time travel as our little Beans take on different ages but the photos here are captured from across the years (from our first trip when Leah was only a year old in 2015, to the most recent one where both families travelled as a “Five Magic Beans” overseas play date for the very first time) Below are some of our favourite highlights in the city, with Erawan Falls and Maeklong Railway Market as kid-friendly day trip options!

Main Highlights

SEA Life Bangkok Ocean World: An aquarium in Bangkok and the largest in SEA. It is also very accessible (just stepping out of Siam station) and housed in one of the upscale shopping malls in the city centre! 

Asiatique The Riverfront: Did you know that Asiatique stands on the very first site that was a gateway to international trading routes? The trading port in Siam played a big role in the reign of Rama V (1800s) integrating east and west. Today, it s a dining destination with museums, art festivals and many other exciting night activities

Platinum Fashion Mall: Six stories of shopping paradise! You can get lost here for a full day (or more) but we typically get to the 5th floor for kids’ stuff (that itself takes a full day) before wrapping up our day on the 6th floor for lots of yummy bites

TrueLove @ Neverland Husky Cafe: In the heart of Bangkok, this café is run by former Husky breeders and boasts a high standard of hygiene! Our little Beans visited and we were more afraid they would infect the dogs, than the other way round. There are set timings when the dogs are released for play, so arrive early to make sure you get slotted into an interactive session with them

Maeklong Railway Market: Also known as the “Umbrella Pulldown Market”, what makes it special is that it occupies part of a train line and a train runs directly through it a few times a day. Whenever a train approaches, the awnings and shop fronts will be moved back from the rails, and then moved back in place once the train has passed. Really cool to witness the speedy transformation of Maeklong Railway Market and to be so close to a moving train!

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: On the same day trip as the visit to the Railway Market, we took a wooden motorized boat down the waterworks of a village (now turned tourist attraction). Lots of tourist traps (500 baht to hold a snake!) so one has to count on imagination to visualize the days once upon a time

Safari World: 30km away from the city, Safari World is a zoo and entertainment park that offers safari rides, marine attractions, feedings and shows! There are both the Marine Park (which hosts plenty of shows and many animals) and Safari Park (which features a 45-min ride that allows us to see wild animals and feeding shows for lions and tigers)

Photo Reel

TrueLove Sea Safari Platinum Maeklong Damneon Asiatique
TrueLove Sea Safari Platinum Maeklong Damneon Asiatique

SEA life for little Bean


Ready to explore what’s under the sea

Looking down:

Up close with the sharks and stingrays

Zoom zoom

Speed, music and lights

First ride in a carousel:

Round and round the garden

Night sights:

Exploring the night market and be in awe by the Ferris wheel


Welcome to shopping paradise

First trip of many:

With little Leah back in 2015


Our familiar treat (fried omelette) at the top floor of Platinum Fashion Mall

Speedy Gonzales:

Zooming back to the hotel after a day’s shopping


Iconic moment as they dash out into the sunshine and lots of attention

Our first trip with Grandma:

This was back in 2017 with two little Beans

Hearty laugh:

Mama’s little boy once upon a time

Butt sniff:

Jie jie took a while to be used to these cute furbabies – how time flies, now she chases after them!


Just before the train departs!


Clear the tracks, the train is coming

Train Captains:

Not sure whom I’d trust

So Close:

Bend over and our noses will touch the chugalong!


Bean there, done that!

Fast and Furious:

Boat captain sped up to entertain our little ones


I want this!

All Together:

Spot the sleeping Bean!

Coconut Sugar Factory:

Freshly made and they allowed the kids to try making too


Observing the coconut sugar making process


Prices jacked up by at least 3 folds! In the end, we bought fridge magnets from stall run by boat captain’s mother as a show of support


… to Safari World!

Tiger Feeding:

Unfortunately we couldn’t do it as it was recommended for Beans aged 7 and up


Family shot on a swinging bridge


Sisters from different mamas


Colourful attire for an exciting day!

Animal Shows:

Running from show to show around Safari World

Animal Cafe:

Even the fried salmon rice and curry chicken were shaped to the Beans’ delight!


Check out the tigers and lions outside our transport