Posted: Jun 2018
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Portugal today is tucked away beside Spain, its only land border, while the rest of country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Once upon a time, Portugal was a major economic and political power with its maritime and trading empires – influencing the rest of the world with its culture, language and architecture. While major events rocked the country through the 1700s-1900s (e.g., crown succession fights, civil wars, earthquakes), it is known today for its stability, democracy, social progress and prosperityCity


We tagged along for Papa’s company trip to Portugal and spent a short getaway around work commitments – Portugal was a beautiful city and we explored much of its city centre, and hopped on a day trip to explore Cascais and the National Palace of Pena!

Main Highlights

Portugal City Sights: So many highlights in a small walkable area – we explored Praça do Comércio, LXFACTORY, TimeOut Market, Belem Tower, and even Ponto Final across the waters!

National Palace of Pena: The Palace is castle in Sintra, along the Portuguese Riviera. Sitting on the top of a hill, it can be seen from Lisbon on a clear day! Walking around in its beautiful gardens and exploring its historical estates and villas took us a full day

Cascais: Less than an hour train ride away from Lisbon, this town has many historic buildings and beautiful fine beaches, along with an upbeat atmosphere that regularly hosts sailing and surfing events

Photo Reel

National City Cascais
National City Cascais
Praça do Comércio:

Look out for the yellow trams around the square!


Walking around the square

LX Factory:

Coolest street in Lisbon


Chocolate for the soul


The weight of all that knowledge!

TimeOut Market:

Best of the city under one roof

Drink up:

Stumbling upon a water hole

Ponto Final:

Portuguese waterfront restaurant in Almada, just across the Tagus River


Happy together

Belem Tower:

Still standing tall, a 16th-century fortification – a great example of architecture commonly found in 1500s Portugal

Day trip to Sintra:

Checking out the National Palace of Pena

Girl at the window:

Lots of historical villas and palaces to explore the whole day


Pretty town with lots of historic buildings and beautiful fine beaches