Posted: Dec 2015
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Did you know that Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities? Summer during Nov/Dec holidays and winter during the June school break, it still remains comfortable all round. It has a mix of sports, arts, nature, adventure – accessible within a day trip from the city centre.


Mama and her little Bean came to find Papa at work. It was the last trip before welcoming our number two and we had quality time with Jie Jie before we adjusted to a
whole new life. At Melbourne, it was a cold summer and we got to see beautiful wildlife – from the typical day trips out to Phillip Island, to the less common weekend trips
out to Erskine Falls and Kennett River. It was a beautiful trip of nature and city sights rolled into one

Main Highlights

Melbourne City: Capital of Victoria (but not of Australia – that’s Canberra), we walked about in this city and found adventure everywhere – from the state library to
the gardens, from the amusement parks to the beaches 

Brighton Beach: Lined with colourful, Victorian bathing boxes, this beach was a nice stop where our little Bean found her toes in the sand

Puffing Billy: A timeless experience as we remembered our parents bringing us here too – this heritage train ride chugged along the forests and farmland as we sat onthe carriage sills!

Phillip Island: Famous for its evening penguin parade, it’s a day trip south of Melbourne. On the way, we stopped by Warrook Farm where we saw sheep getting
sheared and kangeroos as tall as our little Beans. Oh, and it gets really cold as the night sets in and wind picks up, so layer up!

Erskine Falls: Erskine Falls is a short walk from the carpark but we had to descend hundreds of stone steps (and later, up!) This was a memorable trek for us becauseour little Bean showed us how she refused to give up and wanted to complete the walk on her own two feet, even when her muscles tightened on those little legs

Kennett River: 200km west of Melbourne, this was a nice day trip which offered a stroll along Kennett River Koala Walk to spot… guess what, the koalas! A variety of
birds also flew around as they were accustomed to visitors… cockatoos, king parrots, eastern rosellas and kookaburras aplenty!

Photo Reel

Brighton Beach Erskine Falls Kennett River Melbourne Phillip Island Puffing Billy
Brighton Beach Erskine Falls Kennett River Melbourne Phillip Island Puffing Billy
State Library Victoria:

Picnic with the pigeons outside
the library


Play when you’re a child… but pick up the books in
the coming years my dear


… before little Lucas comes along


Melbourne Central and its amazing architecture

Carlton Garden:

Running in the cool air and falling on the
green grass


Finding comfort food after a walk around
the city

Luna Park @ St Kilda’s:

Sharing an ice-cream

Brighton Beach:

Say hello to the world!

Brighton Beach:

Curious about the colourful “houses”

Kangeroo @ Warrook Farm:

I’m as tall as you!

Baa Baa White Sheep @ Warrook Farm:

Erskine Falls

Taking off its coat of wool

Phillip Island:

Excited for the penguin parade

Marveling at nature’s wonders:

Looking up at a 30 metres waterfall many times her height

Daddy’s little girl:

Erskine Falls

How we look back at these moments and wonder how time has flown us by


… before our world changes with #2


Little Bean’s a ‘lil scared

Wild birds:

A different world from the pigeons we are used to in Singapore


Spot them perched high up in the trees

From a distance:

Wild kangeroos spying at us

Into the sunset:

I’d carry you for as long as I can


Stretched into the endless roads


Puffing Billy on a weekend

Own two feet:

She will get off when she wants to get off


… with mama behind her