Posted: Oct 2016, Oct 2019, Oct 2022
Did you know that until the early 1970s, the Maldives was relatively unknown to tourists? Today, tourism accounts for 30% of GDP and more than 90% of government tax revenue comes from import duties and tourism related taxes! The number of resorts grew from 2 to 100+ between 1970s till today – it’s a paradise for those who love the sun, sand and sea.


Maldives is our couple getaway destination – as we put our little Beans with the grandparents and fly out to our “couple-retreat” to relax and recharge. We have explored the Furanafushi, Fari and Vommuli islands and look forward to many more adventures down our years!

Main Highlights

St Regis Maldives (Vommuli Island): This was our second resort in 2019 – just in time for our couple retreat before the covid lockdown. It was a luxury resort with first class services and a throwback to our wedding venue at the same hotel back home 

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives (Fari Islands): Our third visit to Maldives in 2022 – this was a anticipated trip booked a year ahead and we were excited to travel first time post-covid. We also look forward to the end of our diving hiatus and we saw a relaxed sea turtle feeding on the corals without a care for the world

Sheraton Maldives (Furanafushi Island) : This was our first resort back in 2016 – the laid back atmosphere with wooden huts provided a nice “family vibe”. We caught shooting stars from our overwater villas and snorkeled right outside our bed. On our maiden dive trip, we caught 10+ manta rays cruising by us – a goosebump moment as we struggled to stick together as their powerful fins flapped causally by

Velana International Airport (Hulhulé Island): Velana International Airport is the main international airport. Singapore has great connectivity with Maldives and we typically take the last flight (landing into Male late evening), spend a night on the main island, before heading into the resort first thing next day

City (Male Island): This is the real Maldives as we saw locals going about their daily lives – from fresh raw fish to colourful fruits. We spent a full day here walking about in Male (yes, the entire “city” is walkable) and were greeted with nothing but wide smiles and warm hearts

Photo Reel

Erskine-Falls Sheraton-Maldives-Furanafushi-Island Island-v2 Fari-Islands Airport-Hulhule-Island
Erskine-Falls Sheraton-Maldives-Furanafushi-Island Island-v2 Fari-Islands Airport-Hulhule-Island

Arrival in Maldives on a clear, cool evening

Meals on board:

Relaxed travel without our little Beans

Sea Plane:

Departing the next morning for a flight from the waters


Lazing in bed as we settle into St Regis

Bridge over troubled waters:

Putting away all worries


Watching the day go by in the middle of the ocean

Movie night:

Life is like a box of chocolates

Colour Palette:

Beautiful sunsets

Hot mama:

Hiding dad bod below the picture frame

Goodbye St Regis:

Flying out after a relaxing week

Overwater villas:

Picture perfect

Monkey business:

Climbing outside the hut…

Wet monkey:

… ended up below the hut

View off our hut:

Looking out into the open waters inviting us to jump any time

Private beach:

Chasing a ray

Right outside our hut:

Crystal clear waters


Beauty everywhere

Private dinner:

Setting up barbeque seafood for our anniversary treat

Home for the next 8 days:

Putting on the flippers to jump into the waters like a mermaid

Rise and shine:

I could wake up to this view every morning

Diving highlights:

Sea turtle seems unfazed by the attention he’s getting

Walk of life:

Hand in hand – 16 years on


… ouch, knees hurt

Mystique Garden:

A quiet spot with a swing tied down a large banyan tree… great spot for a photo op


Our dinner lasted the movie… so of course we had to pick a long show!

Ritz Kids:

We hadn’t known we could dump the little Beans here – a little guilt came along, but forgotten quickly


Yellow-er than the bananas

Main city mosque:

Maldives is a predominantly Muslim country

Terrorism Memorial:

Remembering the soldiers and civilians who died on 3 Nov 1988

Bridge over troubled waters:

Crossing the China-Male Friendship Bridge

Home sweet home:

Always that sleepy picture when we are headed back… as we typically catch the Maldives-Singapore redeye (11pm local time, 2am in Singapore)