Posted: Dec 2019
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Greece is one of those rare places on earth where ancient history is still very much a part of modern life. The art and architecture of ancient Greece influenced a lot of what we see in the modern world and even in art, it was said the Renaissance period was inspired by the rediscovery of ancient Greek ideas. Fun fact – the very first Olympics was held in 776 BC in Olympia!



We landed into Athens and spent a few days outside of the capital – driving south to Epidavros, then west to Patras and Ancient Olympia, before heading back to Athens en route Delphi. We also took a flight to Mykonos and spent a few nights on the deserted island (it’s winter after all) – I think we counted more cats than people and it felt like a private island altogether!

Main Highlights

Athens: Capital of Greece! It is probably one of the oldest cities we have ever visited (records show that Athens has been continuously inhabited for at least 5,000 years) and the odd thing is, we can still visit the ruins (like Acropolis) which once stood tall and mighty from its glorious days

Epidavros: Built of limestone, this Ancient Greek structure is a theatre from the 4th-century BC. It is renowned for its amazing acoustics (did you know that a coin dropped in the theatre’s centre can be heard from the highest seat?) With a capacity of 14,000, it continues to host events such as the performances from the annual Athens & Epidavros Festival.

Patras: This is the third largest city in Greece and only a 2.5 hour drive from Athens. We used Patras as a base to discover both Ancient Olympia (south from Patras) and Delphi (north of Patras). We also explored the Rion-Antirion bridge which connects Peloponnese with mainland Greece.

Ancient Olympia: The Archaeological Site of Olympia at Ancient Olympia was once the most important religious and athletic centre in all of Greece – home to the sanctuary of Zeus, it was home to a giant statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The site has outlived several earthquakes and fires and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Delphi: The sanctuary of Delphi is a famous ancient oracle and is located at the foot of Mount Parnassus. Nearby, The Temple of Apollo at Delphi beckons – a massive sacred site with plenty to explore and learn about. Did you know a booming industry once developed around the Oracle – temples were, priests were trained, rituals evolved, sacrifices were performed. Royalty came with presents to placate the gods and in the hopes of influencing positive prophesies.

Mykonos: Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island that is popularly known for its summer party atmosphere. We last visited here as a young couple in summertime, it was a totally different experience visiting a ghost village during winter (with three kids!) Nicknamed “The Island of the Winds“, strong winds usually blow across the island – it was an experience to pull our luggage along the cobblestone pathways of Mykonos against the strong winds!

Photo Reel

Delphi Patras Athens Ancient Olympia Epidavros Mykonos
Delphi Patras Athens Ancient Olympia Epidavros Mykonos
Family shot:

We had the whole island to ourselves – counted more cats than people in our entire trip!

On the way to Patras:

Passing by Corinth Canal – it was completed only in late 1890s, but the idea of it came about 2000 years ago!

Balancing the Beans:

This was a scary moment – just
before mama fell over with Leo (fortunately she
suffered a bad bruise, nothing more!)

Sibling love:

Hugging in the middle of the theatre
(which continues to host events today – with a capacity
of 14,000!)

No stage fright:

Did you know that a coin dropped in
the theatre’s centre can be heard from the highest

King George:

Flanked by large Christmas trees as we
stepped into our hotel

Sightseeing “Train”:

Taking us around the city with a
Christmas theme

Breakfast at the hotel:

Eating our breakfast, with a
5000 year old Acropolis in the backdrop

Sightseeing “Train”:

Taking us around the city with a
Christmas theme

Walking the streets:

Up and early on New Year’s day


Counting down 2019 into 2020

Gaming lobby:

Kids will glad to be out after a long trip
in the car – table soccer at Moxy!

Too young:

… for beer

Rion-Antirion bridge:

Connection of the Peloponnese
(where Patras it!) with mainland Greece – an iconic
landmark of the city

Family tour guide:

Talking to them about Greek ancient

Family huddle on Mount Parnassus:

Winter cold on top
of Delphi – bits of snow here and there

The sanctuary of Delphi:

Wonder what they would be if
they were born a few thousand years ago… scholar or
slave, priest or pagan?

Sister love:

One hand holding the little Bean, other
hand wrapped around as a warm cuddle


When we see things that are a few thousand
years old, it feels like we are but a dot in passing history

Majestic Tree at Ancient Olympia:

Some things decay over time, while others grow and blosssom

Running to Papa:

Wonder if he could have trained to
beat the ancient Olympians of old?

Mama’s little Bean:

How they grow so fast

Coastal shot:

Looking up to see the storm clouds
brewing – it’s winter in Mykonos after all

Family shot:

We had the whole island to ourselves –
counted more cats than people in our entire trip!

Climbing the hill back to our beds:

Mykonos is  nicknamed “The Island of the Winds“ with strong winds across the island

Outside our accommodation:

We stayed at a windmill!


Anyone there?

Family shadow:

Night shot of our silhouettes at the famous windmills of Mykonos

Forever together:

Little Beans – we will be here for you, always (photo taken under a groaning windmill)