China (Zhang Jia Jie)

Posted: Sep 2018
Zhang Jia Jie is home to a national forest park in the Wulingyuan scenic area – it features pillar-like formations that inspired the landscape we saw in the Avatar movies! In fact, the quartz sandstone pillars was officially renamed as “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain”


Zhang Jia Jie was a solo trip for little Leo in the third leg of our trip (after HK and Shenzhen) – we dropped the older two off with the grandparents as they left for home, and found this opportunity to learn more about how much of a ‘lil rascal our number 3 was (and still is!) We spent 3 days in this beautiful region, famed for its “Avatar Mountains” and went about on a relaxing pace as our private guide/transport took us around from place to place

Main Highlights

Zhang Jia Jie (City): Did you know that the history of this name was actually linked to a Han general, Zhang Liang, who resettled in the area after the Han emperor started to persecute him? He had escaped and settled into this place and was so named after the Zhang family!

Zhang Jia Jie (Mountain): Beautiful pillar-like formations formed across thousands of years due to the result of expanding ice in the winter and the plants that grow on them. It was also easy to walk around with the numerous gondola lift systems and (Bailong) elevators that make this kid/elderly friendly!

Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge: The bridge is glass-bottomed, is transparent, is 430m in length, and hangs 300m above the ground! When it opened, it was the longest and tallest glass bottom bridge in the world.

Tianmen Mountain: An 11 km road with 99 bends brings us to the bottom of Tianmen cave which is a natural arch in the mountain – it’s also affectionately known as the “Stairway to Heaven’s Door” as it provides a stunning background especially when the clouds come in and out of view.

Photo Reel

Zhang Jia Jie Mountain Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge Zhang Jia Jie Tianmen Mountain
Zhang Jia Jie Mountain Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge Zhang Jia Jie Tianmen Mountain
Travelling “light”:

That’s what happens when this is the third leg of a single trip

Anger management:

Quotable quotes at our dinner place

Arrival at Zhang Jia Jie:

Throwback to the ancient times with the boutique hotel décor


Landmark at the bottom of the mountain

Three peaks:

Up in the sky!

Something funny:

Little Leo laughing at nothingness – it’s moments like these that matter

Carved into the rock:

Zhang Jia Jie – the touristy thing to do, taking a picture of the destination name

View from the top:

Sometimes, even the best views in reality can’t beat the views in the dreams

Strapped to papa:

Yawns as we moved up and down the mountain in cable cars

Stairway to Heaven:

Passing clouds moved away to reveal the “hole” in the mountain

Through the mountain:

We opted for the “automatic staircase”

Spot the baby:

Waving from behind a passing cloud


Precariously waving from the edge of a mountain

Living on the edge:

Walking along these “glass” walkway that allows us to see through into the cliffs below

99 bends:

The way up and down the mountain – we were speeding through this on a… bus!

No choice:

Fatty cheeks kissed

No choice as well:

Hair plucked

Getting comfortable:

No fear as little Leo looks down the deep valley