China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

Posted: Jun 2015, Oct 2016, Sep 2018
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Hong Kong has always been a “sister” city to Singapore in my head – a gateway into something much bigger, a financial hub, 6+ million people on a tiny dense city layout… the list goes on. This is one of the cities in the world where it might have been tough to tell the difference from Singapore, until we exchange words in Cantonese.


Hong Kong and Shenzhen are cities that we find ourselves in every year! Whether it’s a stopover to break a long flight to US into more manageable bits, or the gateway into Shenzhen or Macau, or even the nearest Disneyland we can find in our region – the below are some highlights we visited across the years (so don’t be surprised to see the little Beans in different ages!)

Main Highlights

Disneyland: Did you know that Hong Kong Disneyland is built on reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay? It opened in 2005 but we visited only in 2015 when our little Beans came along… and since then, it’s been our annual tradition to re-visit!

Ngong Ping: Ngong Ping 360 is a gondola lift on Lantau Island, it is one of the highlights as it leads into Ngong Ping Village – here, there is a touristy assortment of shopping and dining with attractions like Walking with Buddha, the Monkey’s Tale Theatre and the Ngong Ping Tea House

Hong Kong City: Endless sights but our focus in HK is to eat down the town – from roasted goose to dim sum delights, we always manage to squeeze 5 meals in a day!

Shenzhen City: Our favourite way into this city is a direct train to Luohu station (and just 10 min across a canal, we find ourselves in a different “country”) When we first discovered Luohu more than ten years ago, it was the wild wild west of bargain hunting (aggressive hawking, lowballing and anchoring high of crazy proportions)… today, it has tamed down sufficiently that we even brought our little Beans along for some cultural immersion

Photo Reel

Shenzhen (Luowu) Ngong Ping Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong City
Shenzhen (Luowu) Ngong Ping Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong City

Why is that Mouse surfing?

Pride Rock:

Welcome to our world our first little Bean – just like how Simba was introduced to the world!

Mama shows the way:

This superwoman – she’s a bit of everything, except a map reader

Friendly Pooh:

Pooh rhymes with poo and our little Bean didn’t like giant soft toys

Odd name for breakfast in HK:

Early brunch at Australian Dairy Company

T’ang Court:

A gastronomic affair with three stars

Overseas playdate:

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Birds are trapped:

Fancy yum cha with a classmate from Singapore

Streets of HK:

Start of our daddy daughter dates

Family portrait:

View of HK city from the top of the Peak

Direct Train:

Our trip out with the extended family

Luohu Commercial City:

Reminds us of modern day pirates (literally!) getting the best deal out of one another

Bizarre Lift:

Straight to the top!

Beautiful milestone:

This is when she found her feet – her first time standing by her own!