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Posted: Dec 2022
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Did you know that if California were a country by itself, it would rank as the top 5 economies in the world? It is home to five of the world’s biggest companies and four of the ten world’s richest people. It is also the biggest state in the US and our favourite places to land into the country due to its direct connectivity with Singapore. Two movies, a good night’s nap, one more movie – and we’re across the world!


We visited Los Angeles and San Francisco several times since they were typically how we flew into US, but did you know that it makes for a beautiful drive to drive from one city to the other? The Pacific 101 Highway runs alongside the Pacific Ocean for awesome views, while the inland highway offers detours to amazing National Parks. We camped out at Yosemite and had a run-in with some bears, and again bumped into other bears as we explored Sequoia – another amazing adventure!

Main Highlights

Yosemite National Park: Towering granite cliff walls and waterfalls – it almost feels like Grand Canyon with water, and in a different colour shade. We camped out here for a few days while taking out easy day hikes. We could re-visit it when the little Beans are older to take on the more adventurous paths!

Sequoia National Park: Famous for its giant trees, including the largest tree on Earth (the General Sherman!) One of the highlights is also the Tunnel Log (a fallen giant tree across the road, which had a hole cut through it so the road was made passable again) – we even drove by a family of bears casually strolling by the road

Pacific 101 Highway: Driving into the sunset as the highway winds along the coast, with the top off a convertible – is one of the defining “Californian” experiences. So many highlights along the way, including the Monterey, 17 mile along Carmel, Big Sur, Madonna Inn and even the elephant seals at Point Piedras Blancas!

San Francisco: This city needs no introduction – we explored this beautiful place on bicycles and it was an experience to lead a convoy of extended family through the Golden Gate Bridge (never knew it would be so windy!)

Disneyland Anaheim: A short drive south from Los Angeles, a visit to Disneyland breaks up our itinerary between the National Parks. Of course the little Beans loved it and they can’t wait to grow taller to take on more exciting rides. Time to feed them more vegetables, or so they think!

Photo Reel

Yosemite Sequoia Pacific Disneyland San
Yosemite Sequoia Pacific Disneyland San
Stocking up:

Picnic supplies for an outdoor adventure

Sister act:

Growing old together


Granite wall in the backdrop

Looking back:

 … how little she was, once upon a time


The trickle of Vernal Falls


Almost as if she’s Simba on Pride Rock…


… and now looking on with pride!


She spotted a squirrel!


How about a closer look?


Rolling about in her newfound toys

Walking stick:

Finding her very own as she imitates the grandparents


Capturing the picture from afar…


 … and capturing the photo bomber from afar!


 Top of our trail – Bean there, done that!

Giant trees:

Dwarfed by these ancients

Our RV home:

Even the RV looks like a toy among these trees

Fallen tree:

Exploring inside


Short rest as we continued our sunny hike

General Sherman:

The boss

Sibling love:

May you grow up remembering how closed you were

Our youngest:

The sun shines on him


… especially with our number two!

Living on the edge:

Cheeky Bean

Family of bears:

Just casually walking beside us

Ah beng:

Complete with the “heck care” face


Little Beans ending their day at their favourite supermarket in the world!

17 mile:

Sailor girl dressed up

17 mile:

 Known as one of the beautiful stretches of road in the US

Big Sur:

This stretch boasts dramatic scenery as you have rugged mountains on the left, and the endless oceans on the right

Elephant seals:

Chilling out by Point Piedras Blancas, a recent colony

Madonna Inn:

With its unique decor, pink dining room, and themed rooms, it makes for a good photo spot!

Open top:

Looking up at the birds in the sky


Wind in the hair

Hot kids:

BBQ for lunch


Twists and turns

Golden Gate Bridge:

Bean there, done that!


The only family shot in the day – before the little Beans go crazy!

Map reading:

Leading the way

Say hello:

Boys weren’t impressed


Lovingly putting on a sticker on little Bean’s face

Daddy daughter:

Sweet sweet smile


Passing off as siblings