Australia (Perth)

Posted: Dec 2014
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Western Australia has a little bit of everything – from a vibrant city that offers nightclubs, pubs, cafes and eateries, to nature that is easily accessible on a self-drive itinerary. We checked out Fremantle and the broader Swan Valley Region… and even went further south to Albany!



This was our first self-driving trip out as new parents – and our little Bean had no choice but to be our experiment. On this trip, she found her teeth and bit into munchy sticks. On this trip, we also pushed our limits and found ways to breastfeed in the wild and change diapers as we balanced her on some rock. It was a wonderful adventure of learnings and discovery!

Main Highlights

Perth City: Too many highlights in the city – but we couldn’t miss the iconic Fremantle and its oceanside vibe, or to introduce our little Bean to kangeroos and sheep at Caversham Wildlife Park

Busselton: At 1841 metres, the Busselton Jetty is said to be the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere. We hopped on a little chug-a-long and our little Bean was entertained beyond words

Margaret River: Famous for its vineyards but we didn’t visit a single one – instead, we checked out a lighthouse, a chocolate factory, an ice cream parlour and lots of other Willy Wonka worthy highlights

Albany: Albany is a quiet town south of our roadtrip. On the way, we checked out Greens Pool, a sheltered natural swimming pool of clear emerald water and Elephant Rocks, which were massive, rounded boulders set off the shallow waters of a small cove. We also went on our first family hike at Porongurup National Park 

Photo Reel

Perth City Busselton Margaret River Albany
Perth City Busselton Margaret River Albany

Wheeling around!


On track to be as beautiful as mama

By the sea:

Soaking in the seaside vibe

Supermarket adventure:

Grab my hat before it’s gone!


Hello, I am a kangeroo

Enjoying the show:

Watching sheep get sheared

Check out my ears:

Close up with another bunny

Cheeky look:

Nanny nanny poo poo

Front of the pack:

Infant privileges


Her first train ride – chugging across the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere!


High five


Our first underwater picture –
Bean there done that!

Fly your own path:

You’ll find your direction one day little Bean

Giant mama:

Sky is washed with white strokes of cloud

Hamelin Bay:

Standing in the waters where wildlife come up to your ankles

Sun Sand Sea:

Her first experience with powdery sand

Vineyard greenery:

In matching greens

Simmo's Ice Cream:

Picnic ice cream – but none for the child


Off to the circus she goes!


I must have done something right after all


Stretching after a long drive south

Porongurup National Park:

Our first family hike!

Greens Pool and Elephant Rock:

Emerald waters and elephant-like boulders!

Valley of the Giants:

Little Bean looking up at towering trees!