Portugal today is tucked away beside Spain, its only land border, while the rest of country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Once upon a time, Portugal was a major economic and political power with its maritime and trading empires – influencing the rest of the world with its culture, language and architecture. While major events rocked the country through the 1700s-1900s (e.g., crown succession fights, civil wars, earthquakes), it is known today for its stability, democracy, social progress and prosperityCity

US (Nevada)

Nevada is known for its vast desert landscapes. Once upon a time a site for nuclear testing, it is now home to Vegas and its glitzy casinos and vibrant nightlife. While Grand Canyon technically isn’t in the state of Nevada, it makes for a short day trip from Vegas!

US (California)

Did you know that if California were a country by itself, it would rank as the top 5 economies in the world? It is home to five of the world’s biggest companies and four of the ten world’s richest people. It is also the biggest state in the US and our favourite places to land into the country due to its direct connectivity with Singapore. Two movies, a good night’s nap, one more movie – and we’re across the world!

US (San Diego)

Just a 2 hours drive from Los Angeles, San Diego sits on Southern California and is right beside Mexico. Did you know that it is the 4th largest land border crossing in the world at 70 million annual travelers (and our very own Singapore-JB crossing ranks 2nd Source: 1.JPG at 130 million annual travelers)


Did you know that Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities? Summer during Nov/Dec holidays and winter during the June school break, it still remains comfortable all round. It has a mix of sports, arts, nature, adventure – accessible within a day trip from the city centre.

Thailand (Bangkok)

Bangkok needs no introduction – it’s our getaway spot whenever flight fares are low and we end up in this land of smiles in a hurry!

USA (Washington – Seattle, Portland)

With everything from unrivaled natural beauty to a thriving arts and culture scene, we discovered there were so many kid-friendly things to do in Seattle (and lots of day trips around!)

US (Florida)

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state – most people know of the theme parks in Orlando which hosts 4 Disney Parks including Walt Disney World, Epcot… and several parks affiliated to Universal Studios (which host the World of Harry Potter). However, did you know that just west of Miami sits Everglades National Park?


Did you know that the 2021 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked Japan first in the world out of 117 countries? For good reason – as it is one of those special places where locals don’t understand your question but spends 10 minutes trying to understand you, followed by another 10 minutes to walk you to your destination. We love this country of lovely people, food and sights!

China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

Hong Kong has always been a “sister” city to Singapore in my head – a gateway into something much bigger, a financial hub, 6+ million people on a tiny dense city layout… the list goes on.