Clementi Forest Clean-up

The small things matter too.
Posted on 11 Nov 2021 | By Wai Kit
Brought the girl to pick up trash along Clementi trail – plastic bottles, soft drink cans, tissue packets, cigarettes, even the random swab test kit. After a while, she tugged at me and said, “there’s too much rubbish for the both of us.“

Indeed, but such is life – I said, “focus on the big ones…”

“… it’s just like life’s 80/20. 80% of what matters comes from 20% of the things that you do!”

My gloved hands picked up a 1.5L bottle and stuffed it into the trash bag. She nodded, but continued to use her tongs to pick up the small bits of ugly tissue
“Papa, the small things matter as well”

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