Desaru Ostrich Farm

Posted: 12th Dec 2022


With 200+ ostriches on the farm, Desaru Ostrich Farm is the biggest ostrich farm in Asia!

Main Highlights

It is no surprise they are the biggest and fastest birds (I guess – on land?) as some of them are even taller than us! We also opened with friendly staff briefing us about the farm… and they walked us through how they incubated little baby ostriches, down to the types of food that ostrich meat can offer (cuteness and practicality rolled into one sentence)

🥬 Ostrich Feeding: Several ostriches were allowed to roam free around and we were able to snap selfies with it. For the rest, they waited eagerly behind a fence as we stepped up to feed them with vegetables and corn kernel 

🥚 Egg Balance: A photo moment as we balanced on an ostrich egg – these things were strong enough even to withstand the weight of papa

🎢 Ostrich Riding: It was no roller coaster, but an interesting experience nonetheless as an ostrich took the little Beans around a small circle. This was only available for kids who weighed below 30kg!

🍼 Ostrich Hatchery: The farm has an ostrich hatchery where eggs are incubated. If we were lucky, we might witness a baby ostrich hatching!

  • Yummy Ostrich: We hadn’t known that ostrich meat could be used in so many ways – there is a restaurant on-site that offers all sorts of ostrich dishes, from bak kut teh to teppanyaki to omelette!

Photo Reel

Bean there, done that

Bean there, done that


About the Place

Address: Emr 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

Number: +60 7 826 5846 

Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00am – 06:00pm

How to Book ?

Just turn up! You can easily get tickets by walking in (no pre-booking required)

Tickets cost RM20 (for adults) and RM15 (for little Beans), with the option of purchasing a small basket of ostrich feed for RM2. These vegetables and corn kernels get snapped up pretty quickly and I counted we bought six baskets between us by the end of our visit.

Prices are reasonable and range from RM30 (just the basic Farm Tour with fruit box) to RM108 (including lunch and ATV) 

How to get there?

It was a simple, fuss-free drive via Highway3, east on E22, then south on Highway92. Total trip under 2 hours!

Alternatively, we could take a direct ferry from Tanah Merah to Desaru? A two-way ticket costs less than RM400 and can save a few hours on the causeway jam if you are thinking of visiting on a long weekend! You can get around on a rental car from Desaru!


This information is accurate as of date of posting. If you know of any updates, do shout out to us (click here) and we will update accordingly!

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