About Us

About Us

We are two families – with little Beans aged 3 to 8

There is a window into each child’s heart and we believe in seeding moments of magic during that window. Our kids may not remember the memories, but these seeds build the parent-kid magical bond that carries us into primary school, puberty, infinity and beyond.

We use these weekend destinations and overseas holidays to find such magic. Before we know it, our little Beans will grow into the clouds and they will find their own magical land. As they say, the nights are long but the years are short.

We created The Five Magic Beans to capture these moments of magic so we can look back and laugh/cry together. We also hope that these ideas inspire you to create your own magic with your little Beans!

Our Team


She’s the mum who loves teaching and has super cooking skills. The favorite of the family.


She’s the wild mum who is always up for adventure. She exercises to eat down the town, loves the great outdoors and is obsessed with rainbows.


He loves to tease everyone in the house – his lame jokes come in helpful to appease the wife in awkward situations, his kids know there’s always fun around him.


He thinks he’s the dad with the crazy ideas. His kids think that he’s the crazy dad. Too bad, his kids can’t choose their dad.

Our Inspiration


She looks out for her brothers. Carries their bags, holds their hands when crossing roads. Folds our clothes, makes the beds. She’s a little girl forced to grow up faster than her peers.


He’s already tried to kill me twice, without knowing it. He’s the bull in a china shop. He’s the friendly shark in Nemo. He’s the BFG with a golden heart.


He’s strong (stubborn), independent (disobedient) and witty (annoying). When other PGers cry on their first day, he marched into the principal’s office and demanded a biscuit.


She’s an energy bunny wrapped in curiosity. A passionate hugger with the sweetest voice that can melt any heart.


She’s a food lover with a signature “Oishi” hand gesture. She has a quiet demeanor (when not eating) and is her big sister’s confidante.

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